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Flights From Praia to Maio Timetable, Information & Schedule

Binter Canarias Airline Provide Internal Maio Flights


Maio to Praia Flight Timetable / Information / Schedule

Binter Canarias Airline (CV) Transport Interilhas

TICV are the main flight operators between Praia and Maio. Binter CV was formed in 2015 and is a scheduled passenger and cargo airline based on Santiago at Nelson Mandela International Airport.

Call Center Praia. Tel: +238 436 0060

Cabo Verde Airlines (TACV) - Praia

CVA are the national designated airline carriers of Cape Verde. For many years known as TACV before being rebranded after company restructuring.

Call Center Cabo Verde. Tel: +238 350 0150

Maio Airport (MMO) Contact Details

The airport is located near to Vila do Maio. The runway is 1200m in length and 30m wide, and is usable in both directions. The IATA code for Maio is MMO and the ICAO is GVMA. The Airfield is Class 3C (suitable for ATR type aircraft).
Tel. +238 255 11 08

Flights Transportation FAQ

The only method to fly to Maio is by taking a flight to Praia (RAI) and then a Cape Verde internal flight to Maio (MMO) and flight time of around 15 minutes.

Currently (2020-01-24), only one airline company services internal flights to Maio (MMO) and they are 'Binter Cabo Verde' and fly from Praia (RAI), the Capital of Cape Verde.

The flight time to Maio from Praia Santiago is approximately 15 minutes.

The flight distance to Maio from Praia Santiago is approximately 40 km or 25 miles.

NO, you can only fly via Praia in Santiago for a connecting island hop flight to Maio. It is possible to fly direct to Praia (RAI) from Lisbon and other countries, making it easier to travel to Maio on the same day, with some planning.

One way flight ticket prices for basic 'Economica' start at around 2400 CVE (@ €22) and a more flexible ticket ('Flexivel') begins at 3000 cve (@ €28).