Maio, No Longer the “Stepchild”

Maio viewed by other islanders as a quaint, but insignificant, part of the country. Yet it is, incredibly, only 18 miles away from Praia by plane and 2½ hours by ferry boat from Praia.… Read More

casa blanca super mercado interior with well stocked shelves in morro on maio cape verde bg
Casa Blanca Supermarket in Morro, Maio

Casa Blanca Super Mercado in Morro has been keeping the shelves well stocked with products in these restricted times. Always a great place to stop for a cool beer or a coffee, chat away with Mariama and get some good local help and advice.… Read More

relaxing under a tree on a white sandy beach in morro on maio cabo verde
Covid-19, Maio and Life in Cabo Verde

Encouraging news from Ilha do Maio is that 2 samples were taken from people with symptoms, but the results came back as both tested NEGATIVE. Currently, as of 29th July, 2020, Maio is still Covid-19 free, great news for all the effort of residents, the Camara and island supportive organisations.… Read More