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cape verdean prime minister ulisses correia e silva visiting maio port
Maio port expansion completed by the end of 2021

Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, revealed that the works for the port of Maio, which he visited this morning, will be completed by the end of this year.
The infrastructure capable of receiving roll-on-roll-off vessels, which, he said, will “shorten the travel time in half” between the island of Maio and the city of Praia.… Read More

miguel rosa, presidente da câmara municipal do maio
Miguel Rosa joy with “decisive” step in Little Africa Maio project

The Mayor of Maio, Miguel (Michel) Rosa, shared, on the last night, his “joy” with the signing of the Establishment Convention between the Government and the IHCV Private Group, for an investment in the order of 500 million Euros, on your Island.

Miguel Rosa speaks of a “decisive” step towards a “great journey” for the development of Maio, an investment that, as he underlined, will put the Island “on a new level” in terms of tourism and beyond.… Read More

maio tourist enterprises to resume activities from mid-june
Cape Verde on tourists list of safest countries

Medical and security services company International SOS again placed Cape Verde as one of the safest countries for tourists to visit in 2021, along with others such as Greenland, Switzerland, Slovenia and Norway.

According to the map on travel risks released this week, Cape Verde is once again part of the group of just over a dozen states with an “insignificant” level of risk for travelers.… Read More

cabo verde connect services airplane wing in the sky
Cabo Verde Connect Services performs first Lisbon to Praia flight

Cabo Verde Connect Services announced that it will make available to the national market a set of air connections that aim to increase the connectivity of the archipelago from December 2nd. In the initial phase, the operation will focus on the cities Lisbon, Paris and Boston, where the largest Cape Verdean communities reside.… Read More

tourism beautful sandy maio beach looking out to sea
Maio preparing to receive the development of tourism

The Island of Maio offers visitors tranquillity and total relaxation in a setting surrounded by sun and sea, with beautiful beaches, exotic places and mild temperatures. Maio is an island of 365 days of sun and sea.
Maio and charms the visitor. Its lunar landscape made up of plains, sand dunes, the constant presence of the blue sea.… Read More