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cv interilhas announces new ship to its fleet in 2021
New CV Interilhas ship is already in Portugal

CV Interilhas’ new ship is already in Portugal, where it is being prepared to integrate the company’s operation in Cape Verde.
According to a note sent by CV Interilhas, the ship is scheduled to arrive in Cape Verde in May and will preferably integrate the São Vicente / São Nicolau / Sal / Boa Vista / Santiago route.… Read More

tourism beautful sandy maio beach looking out to sea
French investment of €7.2 M to build hotel on the Cape Verdean island of Maio

French investors plan to set up a hotel unit with 60 suites in Porto Inglês, on the Cape Verdean island of Maio, in a €7.2 million investment that will create 60 jobs locally.

According to the government dispatch that grants special status such as tax benefits to the installation by the developers, the investment involves the construction of a hotel that offers high-end tourism and responsibility under the ‘Adults Only’ concept.… Read More

sea turtle swimming in the sea
Maio, almost 51 thousand nesting areas for sea turtles

Cape Verdean Minister of Agriculture and Environment said today that Cape Verde became the “second most important” spawning point for sea turtles in 2020, with the number of nests in a record of almost 200,000.
“Cape Verde has become the second most important point for the laying of sea turtles in the world”, said the minister.… Read More

cv interilhas announces new ship to its fleet in 2021
CV Interilhas announces new ship to its fleet

CV Interilhas announced today that it is in the process of acquiring another vessel, which will integrate its fleet later this year. It is a ROPAX ship (Roll-On Roll-Off for passengers and cargo) with a stern ramp and equipped with Bow Thruster.… Read More