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FAQ, Everything Cape Verde Visitor Needs to Know

Discover The Questions You Need Answering.

What is the currency of Cape Verde?

The currency of Cape Verde is the 'Cape Verdean Escudo' (cve). Very difficult to buy any of this currency outside of Cape Verde as it's illegal to enter the country with the local currency. Euro's would be easier to use in Cape Verde as most places will take euros.

How many people live in Maio Cape Verde?

As of January 2020, over 7000 residents live on the Island of Maio.

What is the capital of Maio Cape Verde?

The capital is known by two names, depending on who you speak too. The official name is now 'Vila do Maio' (Village of May) but some older references may show the capital as 'Porto Inglês' (English Harbour).

What is Maio Cape Verde best known for?

Two major building depict the islands history, one being the white Baroque Nossa Senhora da Luz (Our Lady of Light) church, which was constructed in 1872 and the Lighthouse of Forte de São José (Lighthouse of Saint Joseph). One of the main geological features of the island are the large Natural Salinas (Salt-pans) located in the North and Southwest used for salt production. Another production process on Maio is charcoal as the island has one of the largest forested areas in Cape Verde.

How big is the island of Maio Cape Verde?

The island of Maio has a rounded oval-shape with a total land area of approximately 275 km2.

How long is Maio Cape Verde?

The island is longer than it is wide, and from North to South is approximately 24 km long.

How wide is Maio Cape Verde?

The island is longer than it is wide, and from East to West is around 16 km wide.

What is the best month to go to Maio in Cape Verde?

The warmest weather is generally in September and October with average temperatures of 24C, but September can also be the wettest month with around 6 days of rainfall.

Does Maio have an airport?

Yes, Maio does have an airport, which is being updated to 'International' status in 2020. The Name of Maio Airport is 'Vila do Maio' and the Airport Code is 'MMO'. The current length of the runway is '1400 metres' or '4593 feet'.

Can I get a Ferry from Praia to Maio?

The short answer is 'YES'. Ferry MS Sotavento is a passenger and cargo ferry boat that operates between Praia and Maio and visits Ilha do Maio multiple times per week, depending on weather and time of year. The port on Maio is located in Vila do Maio and is about 50 Km, or 30 miles, from the port in Praia. The ferry journey time is usually around 3 hours, but always dependant upon weather and sea conditions.

What is the price of a ferry ticket from Praia to Maio?

An adult return ferry ticket sailing from Santiago (Praia) to Maio is currently (2020-01-28) priced at $2598.00 cve, in other currencies around €24, £20 and $26 USD. Please check the CV InterIlhas website for up to date details and prices.

How safe is Maio in Cape Verde?

Maio is extremely safe EXCEPT for many beaches where currents are dangerous.

Can Maio ferry tickets be purchased online?

Tickets can be purchased in advance via the CV Inter-Ilhas website. See link above.

How far is Maio from Praia?

Maio is approximately 50 km, or 30 miles, from Praia by boat.

How long is ferry from Praia to Maio?

Ferry from Praia to Maio sailing time usually takes around 2.5 hours, dependant on the weather and sea conditions.

Which airports have flights to Maio?

The only method to fly to Maio is by taking a flight to Praia (RAI) and then a Binter Cabo Verde internal flight to Maio (MMO). The internal flight takes around 15 minutes to cross the 40 km, or 25 miles, to Maio from Santiago.

Who are the Airlines flying to Maio?

Currently (2020-01-24), only one airline company services internal flights to Maio (MMO) and they are 'Binter Cabo Verde' and fly from Praia (RAI), the Capital of Cape Verde.

How long is the flight from Praia to Maio?

The flight time to Maio from Praia Santiago is approximately 15 minutes to cross the 40 km, or 25 miles, to Maio from Santiago.

Can you fly direct to Maio?

NO, you can only fly via Praia in Santiago for a connecting island hop flight to Maio. It is possible to fly direct to Praia (RAI) from Lisbon and other countries, making it easier to travel to Maio on the same day, with some planning.

What is the cost of a flight to Maio?

One way flight ticket prices for basic 'Economica' start at around 2400 CVE (@ €22) and a more flexible ticket ('Flexivel') begins at 3000 cve (@ €28).