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About Maio Cape Verde Real Estate

Who are we and what do we do on Ilha do Maio

Contacto Maio is a complete in-depth, internet magazine of Maio Cape Verde's paradise island; featuring essential tourist and resident information such as:

a map of Cape Verde and Maio, help with travel, historical background, how to get there, Vila do Maio (the capital), the people, the weather, local dishes, food markets, restaurants, beaches, transportation, touring the island, pottery factory, arts and handicrafts, post, telephones, internet, business hours, currency exchange, car rental, night life, insects, classified adverts and Maio land for sale, local government, local news, an interview with the President, investing in Maio property development and real-estate, best business opportunities, buying property: private and Camara, visa residency requirements, the police, foreign workers, the future, important telephone numbers, photos of Maio and its people, facts Summary of Cape Verde.

What We Are NOT!

We are not a travel agency or tourist agency.

How You Can Help Maio

If you are visiting or live on Ilha do Maio, please send any news, photographs or stories of your time or visit to Maio as this help other visitors to the island in the future and perhaps even create new friends.

Website Disclaimer

The views expressed in this website are purely those of and not those of the Governments of Maio or Cape Verde. The views should not be construed in any way representative of the official position of the Maio or Cape Verde government on policy matters and other diplomatic initiatives.

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