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Mayor welcomes new maritime itinerary connecting the islands of Maio and Santiago in Cape Verde

The creation of this itinerary was one of the demands and a concern, both of the Mayans and the city council and the central government, with a view to serving the island with more weekly connections, which came to be effective, adding that in this currently, Maio is receiving four weekly connections with Ro-Ro ships.… Read more

Modernisation of the port: New era of the development of Maio – Mayor

The Mayor of Maio defended today that a new era has begun in terms of the development of the island of Maio, with the inauguration and entry into operation of the expansion and modernisation works of the port this Wednesday.

Miguel Rosa expressed this opportunity, within the framework of the inauguration of the requalified port, which, as he said, will enable more mobility and connectivity with the other islands in the country, mainly with the island of Santiago and with the world.… Read more

“We are building the present and future of the island of Maio” – Prime Minister

The Prime Minister said today that there are investments that change people’s lives and the economy, noting that the Government is building the present and future of the island with the expansion and modernization of the port of Maio.

Ulisses Correia e Silva made these statements when he presided over the opening ceremony of the expansion and modernization works of the port of Maio and of the access road to that port, held this morning, in the city of Porto Inglês, noting that this investment represents a change in the life and economy of the local population.… Read more

Porto Maio receives CV Interilhas Liberdadi to test new the roll on roll off ramp

The ship Liberdade of the maritime company CV Interilhas made an experimental trip on Saturday afternoon (04 September) to test the technical conditions of the new roll on roll off ramp in the port of Maio, which will be inaugurated next Wednesday.

According to the captain of the ship Liberdadi, José Mariano, the voyage, whose objective was to test the port, which from now on will have two ramps, went “quietly”.… Read more

Visa agreement between Cape Verde and the European Union (EU)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration informs that, after the necessary internal procedures, both in the European Union and in Cape Verde, have been concluded, the Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Cape Verde amending the Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Cape Verde on the facilitation of the issuance of short-stay visas for citizens of the Republic of Cape Verde and the European Union, enters into force on 1 July 2022.… Read more

Maio Camara announces “tourist villages” project for the village of Pedro Vaz

In the coming months, the town of Pedro Vaz will receive the “tourist villages” project from the City Council, as a way of dynamising that village, which over time has been losing its population.

The idea is to transform that village into “a real point of tourist interest”, through the project that will be implemented in partnership with the Tourism Fund, with a view to stopping the exodus rural area that can be seen in that village, with the departure of his youth to other parts of the island and the country.… Read more