Modernisation of the port: New era of the development of Maio – Mayor

The Mayor of Maio defended today that a new era has begun in terms of the development of the island of Maio, with the inauguration and entry into operation of the expansion and modernisation works of the port this Wednesday.

Miguel Rosa expressed this opportunity, within the framework of the inauguration of the requalified port, which, as he said, will enable more mobility and connectivity with the other islands in the country, mainly with the island of Santiago and with the world.

All this, in his opinion, will enhance “greater dynamics of growth on the island”, taking into account that at the moment the island contributes only one per cent to the structure of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The mayor stressed that this will change the previous trend and boost the dynamics of tourism and economic development on an island that was losing its youth, due to the fact that it had not been able to attract “people” from other islands, something he considered would be exceeded within a short time.

Miguel Rosa said, on the other hand, that with the operation of the port, it will be easier to transport goods and merchandise, which will have an impact both on economic operators and on farmers, fishermen and, above all, people.

For the Mayor of Maio, the island has all the natural conditions to develop, both in terms of tourism and in other sectors such as fishing, agriculture, and industry. which encompasses about 250,000 inhabitants.

“It is a dream of several generations that is finally becoming a reality today, and also a dream of cattle ranchers, farmers, charcoal workers and also of our emigrants who over the years have believed and continue to believe that very soon they will leave the international airport in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris or Dakar and on the same day they will arrive at the island of Maio”, he said.

The Mayor of Maio advocated that “it is possible to have a daily connection with the City of Praia in the near future”, something he admitted may not even happen in a short time, but the vision that the City Hall and the Government have for the island points to this sense since it is one hour from Praia City.

As it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Island, Miguel Rosa emphasized that the development of the island also implies social development and environmental issue, emphasizing that no matter how much the island grows, attention must always be paid to the issue of protecting biodiversity.

In this regard, he indicated that within the framework of the Maio 20/25 project, the issue of raising awareness of the need to protect the island’s biodiversity is being carried out, both among the Mayans and among those who seek the island to live or vacation.

Modernização do porto: Inaugura-se uma nova era no que tange ao desenvolvimento do Maio – edil – Inforpress