Population of Ilha do Maio could triple by 2030

A study carried out by the company PD Consult concluded that the population of the island of Maio could triple by 2030, if all the variables were met.

This fact, according to the study, will have an impact on all sectors of economic, social and environmental activity on the island.

The study begins by making an X-ray of the current state of the island which, according to the 2010 census data used in its preparation, had about seven thousand inhabitants, with a small airfield and a port, connected with the country’s capital with two weekly air connections and three regular sea connections weekly, but without a regular and predictable public land transport service.… Read more

Little Africa Maio Project Socialisation

The Municipality of Maio organised, Friday 23rd April at 5 pm, in the Salão Nobre Isaac Pinheiro, a public session for the socialisation of the Little Africa Maio Project.

The session, which was open to the public, was attended by the city council executive, elected officials and investors from the Grupo Internacional Holding Cabo Verde (IHCV), led by the Spanish Enrique Bañuellos.… Read more

Maio: Miguel Rosa classifies the “Little Africa Maio” project

Porto Inglês – The Mayor of Maio, Miguel Rosa, considered that the “Little Africa Maio” project will be “structuring” for the island’s development, with “an impact on all social levels”, hence, it deserves “special attention” from the municipality.

Miguel Rosa participated in the public launching of the project during which several questions and concerns were raised, but promptly clarified by the representative of the International Holding Cape Verde (IHCV) group, led by the Spanish Enrique Bañuellos.… Read more

Maio: ‘Little Africa Maio’ project, estimated starting in July

Porto Inglês – The Spanish investor in the “Little Africa Maio” project, Enrique Bañuellos, said that the physical work on the infrastructure should start in the first half of this year, according to the plan drawn up.

According to the investor representative of the Grupo Internacional Holding Cabo Verde (IHCV), led by the Spanish Enrique Bañuellos, who spoke at the public presentation of the project, estimated at around 500 million euros, the intention is to create “a unique destination never before presented ”, which will allow tourists to have a connection with the African continent in its various aspects.… Read more

Maio Cape Verde: MaiHotel investment project

Cape Verde TradeInvest delivered the investment registration certificate to the representative of the MaiHotel Club project, Adalberto Lopes Semedo, by the client manager, Luísa Tavares, on Thursday, April 8, at the agency’s headquarters in Praia. The tourist development will be located in Porto Inglês, in Vila do Maio.
This is a hotel to be built, which aims to offer high-end senior tourism under the “Adults Only” concept with 60 suites between apartments and offices, divided into three centers.… Read more

French investment of €7.2 M to build hotel on the Cape Verdean island of Maio

French investors plan to set up a hotel unit with 60 suites in Porto Inglês, on the Cape Verdean island of Maio, in a €7.2 million investment that will create 60 jobs locally.

According to the government dispatch that grants special status such as tax benefits to the installation by the developers, the investment involves the construction of a hotel that offers high-end tourism and responsibility under the ‘Adults Only’ concept.… Read more