Miguel Rosa joy with “decisive” step in Little Africa Maio project

The Mayor of Maio, Miguel (Michel) Rosa, shared, on the last night, his “joy” with the signing of the Establishment Convention between the Government and the IHCV Private Group, for an investment in the order of 500 million Euros, on your Island.

Miguel Rosa speaks of a “decisive” step towards a “great journey” for the development of Maio, an investment that, as he underlined, will put the Island “on a new level” in terms of tourism and beyond.… Read More

Miguel Rosa sworn in as Mayor of Ilha do Maio

The Municipal Assembly of Maio was installed today and conferred possession of the Municipality of Maio, led by re-elected Miguel Rosa, during a ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Energy, Alexandre Monteiro.
In his speech, the Mayan mayor promised to continue working to make the island a reference at national, and even international, betting on the infrastructure and requalification of towns and villages and, above all, in the city of Porto Inglês.… Read More

Maio From a Forgotten Island to an Island of Hope – Minister of State

The Minister of State, Parliamentary Affairs and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Fernando Elísio Freire, considered today that Maio went from being a forgotten island to being an island of hope.

According to Fernando Elísio Freire, who is visiting Maio, the island has been experiencing “great gains” with investments in urban and environmental requalification in all villages, thanks to a “good partnership” between the central and local authorities.… Read More

CV Minister of State Starts 2 day Visit to Maio island

Porto Inglês – The Minister of State, Parliamentary Affairs and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Sport, Fernando Elísio Freire, starts today a two-day visit to the island to find out about the works financed by the Government in Maio. According to a press release, Fernando Elísio Freire has on the agenda, among other issues, to reinforce the dialogue with local officials, in the Youth and Sport sectors.… Read More