Miguel Rosa sworn in as Mayor of Ilha do Maio

The Municipal Assembly of Maio was installed today and conferred possession of the Municipality of Maio, led by re-elected Miguel Rosa, during a ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Energy, Alexandre Monteiro.

In his speech, the Mayan mayor promised to continue working to make the island a reference at national, and even international, betting on the infrastructure and requalification of towns and villages and, above all, in the city of Porto Inglês.

Miguel Rosa guaranteed that the island’s capital will deserve special attention in the present mandate, namely, with the conclusion of the municipal stadium, with the construction of a covered sports pavilion, as well as the construction of a cycle path that will connect the port, the airport and the locality of Morro.

Providing the city of Porto Inglês with a sanitary landfill to meet the current and future demand expected for the island in the coming years, is another promise of the Mayan mayor, who has been sworn in today, who has also promised to build a youth center to provide young people the possibility of having their own space to carry out various activities.

Miguel Rosa promised, on the other hand, that his administration will continue to be guided by a management based on transparency, with people at the center of attention and, for that, he assured that it will combat poverty and promote social cohesion, focusing on the empowerment of women, vulnerable groups and emigrants, as well as giving young heads of households the possibility of having access to land to build their homes.

The reappointed mayor said that his program also includes a focus on the vocational training sector and in this regard he guaranteed that he will rehabilitate the vocational training center and transform it into a training center with broad capabilities, mainly in foreign languages, with emphasis on English language so that young people are prepared for the tourism market.

“We are confident in a new time for this sector, in the coming months an extraordinary project will start, resulting from a serious, strong and hard-working bet by the Government, the City Council and the Society for Integrated Tourism Development of the Islands of Boa Vista and Maio and the IHCP group, in a venture that will generate thousands of jobs ”, he maintained.

That mayor also said that they intend to transform the villages into micro tourist destinations, taking advantage of the classification of the island as a Unesco world reserve to enhance endogenous resources, with a view to enabling the population to take greater advantage of this sector.

In his speech, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy, Alexandre Monteiro, guaranteed that the Government is committed to continuing to develop a “good partnership” and “good relationship” with the city councils, stressing that, “the Government is open to widely discuss the reforms needed to increasingly strengthen local democratic power in Cape Verde ”.

That ruler was convinced that the island will experience, in the coming years, better days with the implementation of the tourist investment that is expected to start next year, considering that it is the largest private investment planned for the country in the tourism sector.

At the beginning of the work, it was the responsibility of the new chairman of the Municipal Assembly, Micheal Frederico, to empower the 13 municipal deputies, 10 of whom were from the MpD and three from the PAICV, according to the ballot of 25 October 2020.

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Maio: Miguel Rosa empossado no cargo de presidente da Câmara Municipal do Maio  – Inforpress