Porto Maio receives CV Interilhas Liberdadi to test new the roll on roll off ramp

The ship Liberdade of the maritime company CV Interilhas made an experimental trip on Saturday afternoon to test the technical conditions of the new roll-on roll-off ramp in the port of Maio, which will be inaugurated next Wednesday.

According to the captain of the ship Liberdadi, José Mariano, the voyage, whose objective was to test the port, which from now on will have two ramps, went “quietly”.

He assured, however, that this requires some care, which is why they came to make the first trip to ensure that everything is in place or to correct possible flaws before its opening, which is scheduled for the 7th of September.

As that captain advanced, on this trip, they were able to bring three trucks to test the ramp, as well as some passengers assigned to the company, who took advantage of this moment to take a tour of the island.

“The risks have all been evaluated, so we hope that on the 7th the sea will be good for everything to go according to normal”, he underlined, adding that during the berthing they came across some vacancy inside the port, but admitted that it was something they were already looking for. to be counted in such an operation.

As for the works at the port of Maio, José Mariano advocated that “it is good, the defences are good and there is a good platform, now it’s just work”.

porto maio receives cv interilhas liberdadi to test new the roll on roll off ramp

For his part, Jerson, one of the passengers invited to make this trip, said it was “a privilege” to be one of the first to make this crossing and dock at the ramp, infrastructure, which he considered to be of “very important” for the island and for traders. , who will now be able to bring and carry their goods more easily. However, he said he expects the cost to come down as well.

“I was also the first person to board the boat in the city of Praia, and also the first of a private person who left here in Maio, so I feel honoured”, rejoiced that passenger, looking forward to the development of the island from now on.

“This will boost domestic tourism and not only that, for this reason, I think the island is to be congratulated, as the island has been stuck for several years”, emphasized Jerson.

Vasco Vera Cruz, one of the passengers who also participated in this trip, pointed out that the trip took place in a “quiet” way, as well as the berthing, despite one or another situation, which he said he expected to be overcome in the next trips, taking into account that this was to test the ramp.

“I believe that with the entry into operation of this ramp, it will bring many benefits to the island, both in terms of tourist development and traffic of goods and goods, but the authorities must be very careful with the island so that this does not happen. what we saw on the islands of Boa Vista and Sal, since the island has all the conditions for its development”, he emphasised.

Maio: Porto do Maio recebe viagem experimental do navio Liberdadi para testar a rampa roll on roll off – Inforpress