“We are building the present and future of the island of Maio” – Prime Minister

The Prime Minister said today that there are investments that change people’s lives and the economy, noting that the Government is building the present and future of the island with the expansion and modernization of the port of Maio.

Ulisses Correia e Silva made these statements when he presided over the opening ceremony of the expansion and modernization works of the port of Maio and of the access road to that port, held this morning, in the city of Porto Inglês, noting that this investment represents a change in the life and economy of the local population.

For the head of the Government, as of today, a real maritime corridor will open between Praia and Maio with the ‘roll on/roll off system, with impacts on the mobility of people and the movement of goods, an increase in transactions, reduction of travel time and time of loading/unloading, loading/unloading, transport of motor vehicles and goods trucks.

“Maio connected with the rest of the country and Maio connected with the rest of the world. This is, in fact, the moment of Maio. Today we inaugurated a major undertaking that increases the economic value of the island of Maio”, he declared, promising that the Government will continue to work so that the island can increase its development potential.

Ulisses Correia e Silva, who was satisfied with the fulfilment of a promise made to the island’s population, underlined that the expansion and modernization of Porto Inglês and the access road to the port are “structuring works” long-awaited by several generations. of Maio and that, today becomes reality.

Still in his speech, the Prime Minister thanked the financiers of the port works, namely the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the European Union (EU), which, he said, are institutions with different vocations, but which have done “good partnerships” and with some examples in key areas in Cape Verde.

“This good partnership that is represented here in this port is also represented in the port of Palmeira, whose expansion in the second phase will take place, in fact, demonstrates a vision”, he highlighted.

The head of the Government also added that the island of Maio will be covered by the second phase of the works, which has funding from the ADB and the EU, including the construction of the maritime station so that passengers can have greater comfort on their journeys, from the hangar to the goods and the building, which will house the services of Enapor, Customs and Maritime Police.

“It was worth the wait. It’s happening today! Maio will certainly have more economic activity in the flow of agricultural products, fishing from the small extractive industry of Sal, ornamental stones in commerce and tourism, more economic activity means more opportunities for employment and income”, he added.

He assured, on the other hand, that the Government will accompany the dynamics of development with more offers of professional training and promotion of entrepreneurship for the young people of Maio, recognizing that it is necessary to improve the business environment on this island so that the private sector is encouraged to invest.

“I am talking about the national private sector, the diaspora and abroad. It is this mixture that makes the economy grow more”, he said, asserting that the island of Maio has great potential for the development of sustainable tourism and that the Government will work to transform this potential into reality with the strong contribution of the private sector.

The requalification and expansion of Porto Inglês is estimated at around 2,200 million escudos, with financing from ADB at 50 per cent (%), the other half being assumed by the State of Cape Verde, through Enapor, 20%, and the European Union 30%.

“Estamos a construir o presente e futuro da ilha com a expansão e modernização do porto do Maio” – Primeiro-Ministro – Inforpress