Enapor announces construction of third generation maritime station for Maio Cape Verde

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Enapor, Irineu Camacho, announced today that Enapor has in its portfolio the construction of a third-generation maritime station for the island of Maio.

This information was released today by the CEO of Enapor Irineu Camacho during the inauguration of the expansion and modernization works of the port of Maio, during which he informed that the port will, as of this moment, have two ro-ro ramps. , which will allow the docking of roll-on roll-off ships and, at the same time, conventional ships.

In order to improve passengers’ comfort, the official stated that Enapor, within the framework of its strategic plan of proximity to customers, intends to improve passengers’ comfort, with the construction of a third-generation maritime station, measuring 800 square meters, which will accommodate three hundred passengers, as well as several services connected to the port.

First, he recognizes that the construction of the port of Maio was not an easy task, as well as the mooring today, which marked the inauguration of that infrastructure, which he considered to be fundamental to leverage the development of the island and the country.

“But we will also have a bathing space and a space for our stevedores, we will also have an administrative office for Enapor employees and other entities linked to port services, also contributing to the good performance of passenger movement”, he emphasized, underlining that the entity he represents is already working towards the acquisition of a crane to guarantee and improve the services of the port.

“We have also acquired a warehouse and we are currently in the process of completing the contracting process so that we can then get it set up”, he emphasized, adding that in terms of safety and environmental protection, the signing of a contract with civil protection for the provision of material and human resources for environmental protection and emergency situations that may happen”, he explained.

Irineu Camacho also informed that the entry into operation of the port of Maio will “open new horizons” and contribute to boosting the tourism sector, which, as he admitted, will help Enapor achieve its goal of improving connectivity and being able to triple passenger traffic forecasting, by 2025, to move 100 thousand passengers.

In the same sense, he pointed out that Enapor aims to invest in the training of its employees, in partnership with universities and technical and professional training entities, which may also enable young people to have access to the world of employment.

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