Mayor welcomes new maritime itinerary connecting the islands of Maio and Santiago in Cape Verde

The Mayor of Maio today welcomed the new maritime itinerary created to connect the islands of Maio and Santiago and urged economic operators to create all the conditions to receive visitors.

Miguel Rosa reacted to the testimonies of economic and tourist operators who, in statements to Inforpress on the occasion of a month since the opening of the Ro-Ro ramp, had expressed that it had not yet translated into gains for the class.

For the mayor, the creation of this itinerary was one of the demands and a concern, both of the Mayans and the city council and the central government, with a view to serving the island with more weekly connections, which came to be effective, adding that in this currently, Maio is receiving four weekly connections with Ro-Ro ships.

He stressed, on the other hand, that with this new itinerary, the island will have six maritime connections with the island of Santiago every two weeks, with the entry of the InterIlhas ship, which in his opinion “will provoke the dynamics that we want for the island”.

“Of course this gives us satisfaction”, he underlined, emphasizing that economic operators must create the conditions and be prepared to receive visitors.

Miguel Rosa took the opportunity to also invite people who are on the island of Santiago and other islands to visit Maio.

“We usually say that the island of Maio is a hidden paradise, but fortunately, in recent years, thanks to a strong commitment by local authorities and the central government to the development of the island, it has attracted strong attention from international organizations and not only ” he observed.

Miguel Rosa informed, on the other hand, that tour operators, namely from the Czech Republic, have already acquired land on the island, so some are already finalizing their projects to be admitted to the Technical Office.

“The Little Africa Maio project itself is something that has been under discussion between the Government, the promoter and the City Council, and other funders”, he concluded.

Maio: Presidente da câmara congratula-se com novo itinerário marítimo que liga as ilhas do Maio e Santiago – Inforpress