Maio Camara announces “tourist villages” project for the village of Pedro Vaz

In the coming months, the town of Pedro Vaz will receive the “tourist villages” project from the City Council, as a way of dynamising that village, which over time has been losing its population.

The idea is to transform that village into “a real point of tourist interest”, through the project that will be implemented in partnership with the Tourism Fund, with a view to stopping the exodus rural area that can be seen in that village, with the departure of his youth to other parts of the island and the country.… Read more

Maio using photovoltaic energy for the desalination plant

On Ilha do Maio Águas e Energias do Maio (AEM) has already started producing water using one hundred percent photovoltaic energy, an investment that will reduce production costs by around 65%.

This investment happened at a “good time”, since the country and the world are facing an increase in the price of oil and its derivatives and, consequently, an increase in electricity bill.… Read more