Maio: Nature watchers signalling protected areas in Cape Verde

The rangers are already on the ground and carrying out their first activities, focusing on signalling the points that delimit the various existing protected areas on Maio (Cape Verde) island.

The representative of the rangers Jairson da Veiga, assured that the group is already on the ground and taking its first steps towards the preservation and protection of nature on the island of Maio, emphasizing that they have already developed some actions, namely the delimitation of protected areas, which, in his opinion, will allow both Mayans and visitors to know that they are within a protected area.

“For the first time, the island of Maio already has some of the protected areas properly delimited and with physical barriers built with stone pyramids, so that both local authorities, individuals and even tourists can understand where they are”, he informed.

As explained by Jairson da Veiga, these stone pyramids will also serve as refuges for some reptiles, something that can already be seen, especially in the vicinity of Casas Velhas, one of the largest marine reserves on the island, as well as the protected landscape of Salinas de Porto. English, which is one hundred per cent delimited.

“In addition, we have also carried out for the first time a survey of endemic, native and introduced plants on the island of Maio and that are found within the protected areas”, he stressed, noting that one of them is a pteridophyte, considered the only species of the type. on the island of Maio, which is very small and rare and is threatened with extinction”.

Jairson da Veiga also said that, during the fieldwork, they had already identified about seven endemic plants within the protected areas, but in places, he considered to be “vulnerable”, so they will work to protect and conserve them, since, as informed, they are medicinal, although unknown by the majority of Maienses.

Another aspect highlighted, has to do with the remodelling of existing trails in protected areas, in order to allow people and tourists to move within the space without jeopardising the existing biodiversity.

Maio: Vigilantes da natureza iniciam primeiras actividades com foco na sinalização das áreas protegidas – Inforpress