“Little Africa Maio” project in Cape Verde, further details

The complex, to be built in three phases, will be managed and operated by a new company, to be created in the framework of the partnership, called “Little Africa Services” (LAS).

In the project in which about five local construction companies are going to participate, the person in charge stressed that the team’s objective is to build an enterprise with “sustainability and quality”, taking into account the support of the International Tourism Organization and the Habitat Sustainability Organization.

Besides the entertainment area, considered the anchor of the project, the complex will also have museums and exhibition halls from African countries, theatre, casino, shops, congress/exhibition and business centre, international business centre, hospital, international college and housing for executives, staff and other workers.

With the first phase expected to be operational within three years, the tourism infrastructure will also include a tourist complex, called “Little Africa Resorts”, in a residential area, which will include villas for high purchasing power international citizens.

The tourist centre is developed by a group of hotel entrepreneurs, represented by Spaniard Enrique Banuelos de Castro, who is managing partner of IHCV.

Pointing out that the project is to be carried out on the island of Maio, but that from all over the country, he said that it will create quality, stable and dignified jobs.

On the other hand, Enrique Banuelos said that the project would allow the state to increase its revenue collection, with income taxes and workers’ social security payments, to be invested later in other areas.

The spokesperson of the international consortium said the project would bring quality tourism to Cabo Verde, different from the already existing all-inclusive format, providing, for example, other health and education services.

The centre will also be an international destination for those who want to get to know Africa from the island of Maio, with museums and representation of each African country, with its gastronomy, culture.

Enrique Banuelos de Castro said that the work should start in the next few months, for the first phase to be ready in 36 months.

According to the description of the draft convention, the project also includes a tourist complex, called Little Africa Resorts. Africa World will be implemented in the Center and South of ZDTI South of Maio.

In addition to this, Maio Vila (in the western part of the ZDTI, next to the English Port) will be created, a luxury residential area, which in reality is two – Vila Maio East and Vila Maio West -, “and which will include villas for international citizens ”, as well as a social club, concierge, and other services and common structures in a luxury condominium.

The project is divided into three phases, the first of which concerns investments in infrastructure, the building of 3,000 rooms, and the construction of the Africa World facilities. The second phase consists of the construction of 3 thousand rooms and the last in the construction of the Villas. The first phase is expected to be operational in 3 years, counting from the start of construction work.

It is planned to create 2 thousand jobs in the construction of the works of the first phase, of 4 thousand after the beginning of the exploration, and another 4 thousand when everything is working.