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after the port expansion, focus on maio airport
After the port expansion, focus on Maio airport Rádio Morabeza

After the Port, Focus on Maio Airport

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Infrastructure Projects on Maio

By Fretson Rocha, Rádio Morabeza, 30 May 2019 12:24

The MpD foresees a further development of tourism and other economic activities in the island of Maio, with the requalification works of the current port, to be launched this Friday, 31.

Infrastructure interventions include the construction of two roll on roll off ramps, one made of metal and one of reinforced concrete, the upgrading of the existing pier, the construction of a 150 meter long and 4 meter wide breakwater logistics and freight, among other interventions.

In a statement in Parliament today, the deputy of the ruling party, Joan Rosa, promised that interventions do not end here, and that the works will contribute to increasing employment on the island.

“The Porto do Maio - Porto Inglês city road will be paved, the Porto Inglês city ring road will be part of the list of works to be launched tomorrow. The port project provides for specific projects to benefit the salt cooperative, as well as fishermen and fishmongers, among other social actions. Despite two years of drought, the island is with a coverage of very good job, and works at the port will create a significant number of jobs on the island, beyond the economic dynamic", he believes.

The construction of the port of Maio is funded by the African Development Bank, amounting to 15 million euros. The work should be completed in 18 months.

MpD wants more, and says the focus will be on the international airport.

“The next fight will certainly be the construction of the island's international airport, as well as structuring access routes to the ZDTI, so that we can guarantee major tourism investments on the island. Investment in the energy sector is necessary given the problems that the current power plant presents”, he says.

PAICV welcomes the Porto project. The party's deputy, Fernando Frederico, elected by the Maio circle, argues that the true development of the island involves the construction of an international airport.

“We hope that [port] rehabilitation will bring benefits. But the true tourism development of the island goes through the construction of the international airport as promised. The population is waiting for this infrastructure so that we can have a greater connection with the rest of the world”, he understands.

The refurbishment works of the port of Maio will be launched tomorrow, in an act chaired by the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva.