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cabo verde removed “blacklist” of tax havens
Cabo Verde Removed “blacklist” of Tax Havens

Cabo Verde Removed “blacklist” of Tax Havens

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Olavo Correia, Deupty Minister andMinister of Finance

The removal of Cabo Verde from the “blacklist” of tax havens by the European Union is “a solid step towards the international transparency that the country intends to achieve,”  the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance said on Tuesday 18th February 2020.

Minister Olavo Correia said that the decision was another Cabo Verde “success”, for which “it was the commitment of Parliament and its members that were crucial, as they were focused on the cause,” as well as the team that worked behind the process, with a view to meeting European Community standards and requirements.

On Tuesday the EU updated the “blacklist” of tax havens that do not respect Community rules and removed Cabo Verde.

Cabo Verde removed from “blacklist” of tax havens