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maio business center, 1st edition of the acceler8 program
Maio Business Center, 1st edition of the Acceler8 Program InforPress

Maio Business Center, 1st edition of the Acceler8 Program

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The company Maio Business Center presents, on March 13, Friday, the event “Acceler8 Demo Day”, framed in the 1st edition of the program “Aceleração de Ideias & Negócios”, at 18:00 in the Auditorium of the Horace Silver Secondary School .

According to the representative of the company Maio Business Center, Samir Silva, this event aims to give the 20 entrepreneurs tools to make the final presentation of the respective plans of “minimum viable business”, in a PITCH of 3 minutes, before a jury body, as well as the entrepreneurial community on the island of Maio.

The event will also count on the presence of the Secretary of State for Innovation and Professional Training, Pedro Lopes, of the ambassador of the United States of America in Cape Verde. Jeff Daigle.

Samir Silva also explained that “Acceler8” is a program for accelerating ideas & business, which took place over eight weeks, a period in which entrepreneurs, bearers of business ideas, managers and developers of products and services had access to an entire ecosystem and tools that allow them to transform their ideas into business with social impact.

Participants also had the opportunity to participate in practical workshops, training, access to co-working space, mentoring, as well as technical support and assistance, networking, and other tools.

Samir Silva also said that the 1st edition of this program was co-financed by the US Government through the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund, and that it was developed in partnership with Pró Empresa, in which the 20 business ideas with potential for social impact in island were developed during that period.

The event will feature cultural entertainment with the groups “Orquestra do Morro and batucadeiras, Kultura di Figueira’.

Maio Business Center apresenta 1ª edição do programa Acceler8 Demo Day