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maio: câmara municipal opens square in  cascabulho
Maio: Câmara Municipal Opens Square in Cascabulho

Maio: Câmara Municipal Opens Cascabulho

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Porto Inglês, 15 Feb (Inforpress) - The town of Cascabulho, on the island of Maio, was awarded today a square, an infrastructure inaugurated jointly by the mayor, Miguel Rosa, and President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca.

According to the mayor, this infrastructure was an old claim of the residents, so the city promised, in the context of the urban and environmental requalification of Cascabulho, to build the square as well.

The work was financed by the Maio Câmara Municipal and the Tourism Development Society of the Islands of Boa Vista and Maio (SDTIBM) in the amount of eight thousand contos.

“Cascabulho is an example of a profound transformation in which the entire village is already 100% requalified and which culminates today with the opening of this magnificent square,” said Miguel Rosa, promising “soon” to provide the village with a digital square.

The idea, according to the mayor, "is to reach the end of the term with intervention in all the villages and in various sectors of development".

Miguel Rosa considered that the island of Maio is in "deep transformation", thanks to the collaboration and commitment of the various partners including Jorge Carlos Fonseca, who "always showed his interest in seeing the island developing, but in a sustainable way".

The Mayor also recalled that at the moment, urban and environmental interventions are being carried out in the town of Pedro Vaz and that the last one will be in the village of Alcatraz, thus closing Câmara actions in all the villages.

Without specifying a specific date, nor the sector, Miguel Rosa guaranteed that, "soon", it will be announced the realization of a private investment that he considers to be "structuring" and that will catapult the island to higher levels, in addition to the public investment that is scheduled for the island and will also be announced at the same time.

For his part, Narcisa dos Reis, a resident of Cascabulho, expressed his satisfaction at the inauguration of that social infrastructure, equipment that he considered to be one of the great desires of the population, so he said he hoped that the residents would contribute to its preservation.

He added that they are looking forward to the installation of the digital square, which in his opinion will help young people to connect with the rest of the world and also be able to do their research.

Anselio Neves also corroborates the same opinion and defended the placement of a guard on the site, taking into account that the island is going through three years of drought, which can lead to animals invading the square to eat plants placed there.

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