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president of cabo verde satisfied with the progress of the requalification works in the port of maio
President of Cabo Verde satisfied with the progress of the requalification works in the port of Maio

President: Progress of Works in the Port of Maio

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The President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, said Friday, during his visit to the requalification works of the port of Maio, that he is “satisfied” with the progress of the works.

According to Jorge Carlos Fonseca, due to the information that was transmitted to him, the works “are moving at a good pace”, emphasizing that he obtained information that, if all goes well, in a year and a half, the requalification works will probably be completed.

For the head of state, this infrastructure will allow more mobility of cargo and passengers, which, in his opinion, "could mean a big jump to the island of Maio" since, he stressed, with the port totally re-qualified, people will pass to visit the island in less time, with more convenience and some will even come with their own vehicles.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca also added that he was visiting other works, namely, the municipal stadium of Maio, works of urban and environmental requalification of the Fontona river, as well as the interpretive center of the Porto Inglês rooms and considered that the island is in “ ramp ”and that there are already conditions for a start towards development.

He was convinced that, with the investments that are planned for the tourism sector, in the requalification of the port and in the water and sanitation sectors, the island will see its development and this will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of both Mayans. as well as many other Cape Verdeans who will probably be looking for the island.

The President of the Republic was present on Friday afternoon, in the act of delivering the kindergarten in the locality of Figueira, which was recently the subject of a rehabilitation by the Mayan city council, and ended the program of the day with the presentation of his book. “Magistracy of Influence”.

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