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president cabo verde impressed by the island of maio
President impressed by the island of Maio Opais CV

PR impressed by the island of Maio

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Jorge Carlos Fonseca, who is on the second day of the island visit, said that he mainly liked the “good pace” of the ongoing works in Porto do Maio

The President of the Republic, who is in the City of Porto Inglês, for a three-day visit, said he was impressed with the island. JCF, who was visiting some works on the island, was satisfied with the progress of urban rehabilitation works and especially with the expansion and modernization of the island's port.

The Head of State also affirmed that he received from the technicians, engineers and those responsible for the work, the guarantee that the referred infrastructure will be requalified within a year and a half. “This may represent a big leap for Maio”, said the PR, talking about the advantages of having a modern Porto in Maio.

The PR who had the opportunity to visit several other works that are underway on the island, admitted that they are giving a new look to the island, with great tourist potential. - good pace of the ongoing works