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Latest and Up Todate weather forecast for Maio island in Cape Verde. Includes temperature, wind and sunset and sunrise times.
Latest and Up Todate weather forecast for Maio island

Maio Annual Weather & Climate Information


Maio, The Best Time of Year to Visit?

Visiting Maio and enjoying the best weather is dependant upon what weather you want. The warmest weather is generally in September and October with average temperatures of 24°C. While the cooler months are usually January to April, where you might experience an average temperature of 19°C. One of the reasons you might not want to travel to Maio in September is that it sometimes can also be the wettest month with the highest amount of rainfall. Not so bad when it could only rain for around 6 days. If you don't like the rain then perhaps travel to the island in March to June where you should have the driest time on Maio and may only rain for 1 day, fingers crossed. With the deserted sandy beaches and turquoise seas, the prospect of swimming is always a great event. The waters have the highest temperatures in September and October and should be tested before entering in March and April. For the water-sport visitors, including kite-boarders and surfers, the windiest month on average is February with speeds of 17mph, 14.8 knots, 7.6 m/s or 27.4 km/h. With the flat sandy beaches, it's a haven for wind-sport lovers. Why you seek out Maio, not just for its elusive beauty, but its warmth and sunshine. The sunniest time is August and September where you should enjoy at least 6 hours per day of sunshine.

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