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Sunfish Scuba Diving Centre, Maio Cape Verde
Sunfish Scuba Diving Centre, Maio Cape Verde


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Sunfish Scuba Diving Centre, Maio Cape Verde

Sunfish Scuba Diving has sadly been closed for a new number of years. However, Maio has been blessed with another Scuba Diving business, Maio Plongée Cap-Vert (Maio Diving Cape Verde).
Maio Plongée Cap-Vert in Maio, Cape Verde

"Our ambition: to make you discover Cape Verde and more particularly the island of Maio.
Located a few miles from the island of Santiago, Maio of volcanic and sedimentary structure has the chance to possess immense white sand beaches set in its coast carved by the power of the ocean. The kindness of its people will finish seducing you.
Diving enthusiasts, we decided to put our dive bags on this island and create AAA Maio Diving!
We are instructors graduates of the FFESSM and we will take you to discover the funds of Maio where you will be able to cross sharks, rays, lobsters and all the tropical fishes.
Possibility to dive throughout the year with a water temperature between 20 and 28°C. We have a Zodiac with a capacity of 8 divers and fully equipped for diving. Blocks and weights are included in the cost of the dive. If you want to travel light, we can rent all the equipment. New Scubapro material. Equipment for oxygen therapy on the boat and we also have two oxygen recyclers, hoping never to need to use.
In addition to diving, we can organize you sea trips, water excursions but also a discovery of the island by organizing a tour of the island by car, quad or on foot.
So do not hesitate any more, Cape Verde reserves you very beautiful surprises in total security."

View Maio Plongée Cap-Vert on Facebook. Come dive with AAA Maio Diving on the island of Maio in Cape Verde!