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Covid Precautions for Travel to Cape Verde and Other Islands

The Prime Minister guaranteed that the trips will be resumed with extra precautions of sanitary control. He reinforced, “A number of measures were approved in good time: mandatory use of masks, temperature measurement, hygiene and health surveillance form. Ports and airports, air and sea carriers, are subject to strict health security measures”.… Read more

Maio, Nature Management Plan for Protected Areas

The Management Plan for the Complex of Protected Areas on the island of Maio (CAPM), approved by a resolution of the Council of Ministers (CM), comes into force today, after being published in the Official Bulletin this Monday 19th.
The creation of a National Network of Protected Areas was a fundamental political instrument with regard to the preservation of natural landscapes, conservation and maintenance of natural resources and processes.… Read more

Tourist Promotion and Requalification in Ilha do Maio

With continuous work in Cape Verde since 2001, the IMVF has kept a close eye on the evolution and development of the archipelago – specifically the island of Maio – its constraints and potential. This action bets on local entrepreneurship (as a means) for the affirmation of Ilha do Maio as a sustainable and supportive tourist destination (as an end). The project aims to combine the valorisation of the island’s environmental and cultural heritage with the reinforcement and promotion of new local economic activities, as an engine of socioeconomic development and growth, consolidating the respective cultural identity and territorial and social cohesion.… Read more