Maio, Nature Management Plan for Protected Areas

The Management Plan for the Complex of Protected Areas on the island of Maio (CAPM), approved by a resolution of the Council of Ministers (CM), comes into force today, after being published in the Official Bulletin this Monday 19th.

According to the CM resolution, the CAPM Management Plan are special instruments for spatial planning of a regulatory nature that establish the spatial framework for a coherent set of actions with an impact on the discipline of organization and management of the respective area.

The creation of a National Network of Protected Areas was a fundamental political instrument with regard to the preservation of natural landscapes, conservation and maintenance of natural resources and processes.

With this network of protected areas, in addition to the conservation of species and habitats, being a source of balanced development, it is also intended to “reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of residents, users or adjacent to these areas.

For the elaboration of the referred plan, all public and private organizations and civil society based on the island of Maio and related to activities within the scope of the Complex of Protected Areas of the island of porto Inglês were heard.

Complexo das Áreas Protegidas da Ilha do Maio – Feel the difference and let yourself be carried away by the nature, culture and daily living. Visit the Protected Areas of Maio Island.

Ilha do Maio já dispõe do seu Plano de Gestão do Complexo de Áreas Protegidas – Inforpress