Tourist Promotion and Requalification in Ilha do Maio

With continuous work in Cape Verde since 2001, the IMVF has kept a close eye on the evolution and development of the archipelago – specifically the island of Maio – its constraints and potential. This action bets on local entrepreneurship (as a means) for the affirmation of Ilha do Maio as a sustainable and supportive tourist destination (as an end). The project aims to combine the valorisation of the island’s environmental and cultural heritage with the reinforcement and promotion of new local economic activities, as an engine of socioeconomic development and growth, consolidating the respective cultural identity and territorial and social cohesion.


General: improving the living conditions of the population of the island of Maio.

Specific: promotion of local entrepreneurship and urban renewal as factors of sustainable socio-economic, tourist and cultural development on the island of Maio.


Direct:  20 women members of the Cooperativa de Sal, 10 artisans and small local producers, 6 municipal technicians, 20 young trainees and 13 community associations.

Indirect: population of the island of Maio (8,000 inhabitants).


Expected result 1: Entrepreneurship promoted and strengthened.

Activity 1: Dynamization of the economic sector: conversion of the Salinas do Porto Inglês.

A1.1.  Creation of an Intensive Saline:

a) intensive saline;
b) tanks for therapeutic salt baths;
c) improving the facilities of the Cooperativa de Sal;
d) complementary activities (interpretation center, delimitation of the protected area and signaling and trails);

A1.2. Professional, technical and management training and training (saliniculture):

a) professional and technical education and training;
b) training and capacity building in management and marketing;
c) South-South exchange.

Expected result 2: Cultural, environmental and tourist heritage preserved and revitalized.

A2.  Urban requalification (strengthening of the municipal technical office, professional training, requalification).

A3. Support to local communities for solidary tourism practices and environmental preservation:

a) promotion and support for artisans;
b) creation of tourist routes;
c) beach cleaning and environmental awareness;
d) bird watching station;
e) turtle pond.

A4. Monitoring and Evaluation.


  • Maio City Hall
  • Loures Town Hall
  • Associated Entity: Tourism Development Society of the Islands of Boa Vista and Maio

Dinamização e Requalificação Turística na Ilha do Maio – IMVF (Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr).