Avenida Amílcar Cabral will make the city of Porto Inglês more attractive

The Mayor of Maio considered that the requalification of Avenida Amílcar Cabral will make the city of Porto Inglês one of the most attractive in Cape Verde.

According to Miguel Rosa, with the investments already made in the city, complemented by the works on the Fontona riverside, including all the urban furniture that is planned in the framework of the requalification of Avenida Amílcar Cabral, will bring more joy and well-being to the people of that city and , thereby improving the way of city life.

The mayor was also convinced that with the completion of the requalification of the main avenue, there will be more economic dynamics in the city, and that it will, in the near future, be a reference both nationally and internationally.

As explained, the chamber is infrastructuring and transforming the island of Maio, thereby attracting more and more private investment, noting that for this purpose there has been a partnership with the Government, the Tourism Development Society of the Islands of Boa Vista and Maio and the European Union.

Regarding the renovation works on the street in the village of Calheta, Miguel Rosa considered that infrastructure “very important”, for the safety of the inhabitants of that city, taking into account that it includes a drainage dike and retention of rainwater , which previously presented a risk to the population.

With the completion of this infrastructure, that mayor stressed that the promises made to the population of that village were fulfilled.

Requalificação da Avenida Amílcar Cabral vai tornar a cidade do Porto Inglês mais atractiva – Inforpress