Maio Port infrastructure will be completed by end of July, 2022

The Minister of the Sea, Abraão Vicente, visited this Monday, the 4th, the works of the port of Maio and assured that the port will be inaugurated in the month of July to serve both the island of Maio and the whole country.

According to Abraão Vicente, “the works are proceeding at a good pace and at the end of July the works will be delivered” for the port of the island, which will have two ramps to receive “roll on roll off” ships, at the same time, in addition to of cargo ships.

The official explained that immediately after this phase, the work on the construction of the maritime station will begin, which, in his opinion, will transform the look of the port.

“The most important thing is that Maio will be able to receive any type of ship that circulates within national waters and will have the infrastructure for the development of the tourism chain”, said Abraão Vicente, stressing that, with the entry into operation of the port, the island is expected to receive around 120,000 passengers a year.

“Something that is transformative for the island of Maio, transformative for local businesses and unlocks the island of Maio as a tourist destination”, he emphasized, adding that the Government is also developing “the idea of ​​creating the taxi that connects the city Praia and the island of Maio, through the maritime connection that can make a connection at least twice a day between the two islands”, he added. 

Abraão Vicente said he was convinced that, with the start of operation of that infrastructure, it will be possible to dock cruise ships and also allow people, who reside both in the capital of the country and on the island of Maio, to come and go after a day of work.

For the Minister of the Sea, this work is expected with great expectation, not only for the people of May but for the whole country, so that the island is connected “more perennially and more predictably with the capital of the country”, predicting that this will allow, both the city council and investors can “take out many projects that are waiting for this infrastructure”.

On the other hand, he guaranteed that all the logistics are done, so he assured that the recent increases in the prices of construction materials will not have an impact on the initial budget, despite the moment of great uncertainty that Cape Verde and the world are going through.

Abraão Vicente also visited the road that will connect the city of Porto Inglês to the port of Maio.

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