Maio Tourist Enterprises to Resume mid-June

Most tourist developments on the island of Maio remain behind closed doors, however the operators say they are hopeful of being able to restart their activities in the second week of June.

The closure of hotels, guest houses and restaurants, although the island of Maio does not register cases of covid-19, is justified by operators with the lack of customers and for precautionary reasons, in order to keep customers and employees safe.

Local Maio Business Owners

According to the person in charge of the restaurant services at Stella Maris Ornela, the opening of that undertaking is not justified, due to the lack of customers.

As he said, they are analyzing the possibility of reopening the doors in mid-June, if the situation continues to improve nationally and worldwide. In any case, he guaranteed that they are in permanent contact with their employees who, because of the pandemic, are at home.

For his part, the head of the Big Game restaurant pension Mattia Ricci, said that they determined to keep behind closed doors, to avoid running out of customers, and, at the same time, to guarantee personal and employee safety, because the situation in the country has not yet is completely normalized.

The businessman recalled that his clients are mostly from Europe, mainly from Italy, where there are still some restrictions and also cases of contamination, but he said he was hopeful that by the middle or end of June he will be able to open the doors ensuring your customers as safe as possible.

Maio Tourism Depending on Local Trade

Inforpress found that several other tourist developments are closed, waiting for better days, but also saw the entry into operation of some restaurants and terraces in the city of Porto Inglês and that they were betting on local customers and some foreigners who are in island.

Maio: Empreendimentos turísticos pretendem retomar actividades a partir de meados de Junho – InforPress