CV Interilhas announces new ship to its fleet

CV Interilhas announced today that it is in the process of acquiring another vessel, which will integrate its fleet later this year.

Expresso das Ilhas

According to a company statement, the vessel will first undergo a refit process that is “appropriate” to international market standards and the requirements of the Cape Verde flag.

It is a ROPAX ship (Roll-On Roll-Off for passengers and cargo) with a stern ramp and equipped with Bow Thruster, with a length of 69 meters, 670 Tons of Gross Tonnage, speed of 15 knots, and capacity for about 250 passengers and 43 vehicles or 11 15-meter trailers.

“Expected to start operating in the second quarter of this year, 2021, this is another step in what CV Interilhas is committed to in Cape Verde’s economic and social development”, he says.

In the statement, the company also admits the possibility of replacing another ship by the end of the year 2021, “continuing the modernization of its fleet”.

CV Interilhas anuncia novo navio que integrará a sua frota ainda durante este ano – Expresso das Ilhas