Maio “Hub” will boost Island Domestic Tourism – CV Interilhas

CV Interilhas, in a note sent to the media, explained that Porto Inglês on the island of Maio becomes a hub for maritime passenger transport, driving the development of domestic tourism in Cape Verde. It will provide the island of Maio with a direct connection with the islands of sal and Boa Vista.

According to CV Interilhas, with the reconstruction works of the English Port, on the island of Maio, the bet on this island for the development and growth of Cape Verde’s domestic tourism is increasingly evident.

“CV Interilhas, a concessionaire for maritime transport of passengers and inter-island cargo, recently closed a partnership with the Associations of Travel and Tourism Agencies of Cape Verde and other tourism associations of the islands of Santiago and Maio, a contribution that will be fundamental for the economic, social and cultural development of the islands, as well as to increase the flow of commercial transactions from north to south of the country, he explains.

The company said that it will thus provide the island of Maio with a direct connection with the islands of Fogo, Brava, Boa Vista, Sal, São Nicolau, São Vicente and Santo Antão, promoting the mobility of populations and economic agents, which will have positive long-term effects on Cape Verde’s domestic tourism. 

The company’s new route with a direct connection from the island of Maio to the main islands of Cape Verde, provides for regularity and predictability. 

“CV Interilhas created a new itinerary, placing the island of Maio at the center of its operations, connecting the islands from north to south, satisfying the demand of economic operators and passengers who, above all in a time of pandemic that we are experiencing (COVID-19) , found in maritime connections the solution to return to their families and resume their business ”, he quotes.

And he explained that the close articulation with the operators and travel agencies allowed this “return to day-to-day” of the island of Maio, resuming the dynamics of its activity and domestic tourism. 

The same source guaranteed, even though this partnership was still important that it resulted in an economically viable offer, which did not entail additional operating costs, nor increased travel prices for all passengers, something that was very well achieved by all involved. 

The Municipality of Maio had already rejoiced with the decision and advanced that the strategy of transforming Maio into a “hub” for maritime transport follows on from what was outlined in 2016, “between the City Council and the central government and will bring gains at various levels, especially at the economic level, with the dynamism of domestic tourism, benefiting mainly small local operators “.

‘Hub’ no Maio vai impulsionar o desenvolvimento do turismo interno – CV Interilhas, Expresso das Ilhas