TICV Considers Postponing the Resumption of Inter-Island Flights

The administrator of Transportes Inter-Ilhas de Cabo Verde (TICV), Luís Quinta, considers that the postponement in the resumption of inter-island flights to July 15th, announced today by the Government, will bring constraints for the company.

Speaking to RCV, the official said that the company was already prepared to comply with the program with the Praia / São Filipe / Praia connections this Tuesday 30, and other flights scheduled for Wednesday and following days.

“It will complicate the organization a little bit, because the teams were already being trained and called to return to the activity, but they will have to wait two more weeks”, he said, adding, however, that during the three suspension flights of the international air connections islands, the company was not stopped, having made a total of 74 flights.

For this reason, it says that there were no major efforts to prepare for this recovery in connections, which for the company was more an acceleration of activities.

“We made a lot of effort. Everything that was a procedure was already implemented. The only thing that didn’t happen and that should happen tomorrow was coordination with the rest of the sector from ASA, CVHadling, Civil Aviation. Everything else in our internal part was already in the field Our part was all ready as we were not standing still, there was no gigantic effort to resume calls ”, he explained.

However, he admitted that there will be financial implications, since there was already a “clear” recovery in the purchase of tickets by customers.

The resumption of air links between the islands, initially scheduled for June 30, was postponed to July 15, due to the country’s epidemiological situation, which is currently due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In a press conference at the end of the Crisis Office meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister and Regional Integration Minister, Rui Figueiredo, explained that in making this decision all situations were considered and in view of the epidemiological situation prevailing on the islands of Santiago and Sal, always taking into account the greatest interest is safeguarding the health of Cape Verdeans

“Bearing in mind that it is essential that sooner or later the air and maritime connections between the entire national territory are reestablished, the Government’s crisis office decided on air connections throughout the country, to postpone the beginning of its realization until the day 15th of July. Initially, this recovery was scheduled for 30 days, but the Government considered it to be opportune and recommended and decided accordingly ”he said.

Regarding the maritime connections from the islands of Santiago and Sal, which were conditioned, it was also decided to resume them from the 15th of July.

TICV considera que adiamento na retoma dos voos inter-ilhas vai trazer constrangimentos para companhia, Expresso das Ilhas