Maio Island welcomes Back Binter Cabo Verde Flight Connections

Porto Inglês, 20 Jun (Inforpress) – The mayor of the island of Maio today expressed his congratulations on the start of flights connecting the island to the company Binter Cabo Verde, and considered it a “good sign” in view of solving the problems of transportation that has plagued the island in recent times.

In a press release to which Inforpress had access, Mayor Miguel Rosa pointed out that the arrival of the Binter company is a “good sign” for the island of Maio, having expressed that he hopes that this initiative “will put the island on the domestic tourism route” .

“It is very important that our island is included in the company’s routes,” said Miguel Rosa, stressing that it is healthy that the island can have options for connectivity with the rest of the country.

Binter Cabo Verde will fly to May on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and that was reason enough to cheer the mayor who considers that this island is closer to the country’s capital, Praia, from now on, “opening up possibilities to new economic and social dynamics ”, he stressed.

“I can only be satisfied”, reinforced the mayor who takes the opportunity to congratulate the company for this bet of introducing three weekly flights to the island of Maio.

Ilha do Maio: Edil congratula-se com a ligação área à ilha pela companhia Binter Cabo Verde – Inforpress