Minister of Maritime Economy “satisfied” with the progress of Maio Port

The Minister of Maritime Economy, Paulo Veiga, today expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the works in the port of Maio, stating that if the work continues in this way, they will be able to meet the initial expected deadline.

According to the minister, who today made a visit to the quarry where the aggregates are extracted and the port of Maio, in declarations to Inforpress, the companies that are carrying out the modernization and expansion of Porto do Maio are satisfied with the material found in the quarry that they consider “good quality” for their work.

As he assured, the works of the shipyards are well advanced and are already being tested for the production of concrete parts and blocks to be used in the breakwater, noting that the platform is already assembled to recover the structures of the current port.

For this reason, he was convinced that with the completion of the work, both the Mayans and those who prefer to visit the island will have the best conditions to make their trips, adding that “it will allow Maio to have a much greater flow, not only for tourism but also for the economic movement, in terms of transporting agricultural products ”.

He admitted that the pandemic caused some delay in importing the materials, but guaranteed that everything is being done so that the work is ready in 2022, adding that all the work being done was initially planned.

“We were also discussing the construction of the passenger compartment and, therefore, we are already in a position to start negotiations for the construction of this space for passengers.

He also ensured that all precautions are being taken so that all the work to be carried out can respect the requirements demanded by the financing entity, taking into account that the referred infrastructure is located in the vicinity of the protected area.

For this Thursday, 26, the Minister of Maritime Economy has been planning a visit to the fishermen and fishmongers of the village of Calheta and a meeting with members of the Fishermen’s Associations based on the Island.

Ministro da Economia Marítima “satisfeito” com andamento das obras do porto do Maio – InforPress