CV Minister of State Starts 2 day Visit to Maio island

Porto Inglês – The Minister of State, Parliamentary Affairs and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Sport, Fernando Elísio Freire, starts today a two-day visit to the island to find out about the works financed by the Government in Maio.

According to a press release, Fernando Elísio Freire has on the agenda, among other issues, to reinforce the dialogue with local officials, in the Youth and Sport sectors.

Likewise, the governor wants to verify “on the spot” the point of the socio-economic situation of the island, in addition to reviewing the functioning of a set of programs, works and projects in progress and carried out, following the responsibilities passed to the municipalities.

The program of the visit begins with a working meeting with the executive of the Municipality of Maio, and then travels to the circular road of the city of Porto Inglês, and then travels to the village of Barreiro where the minister will visit the works and renovation of the local chapel.

The Minister of Sports will also visit the works on the turf training field in Barreiro, the works for urban and environmental rehabilitation of the towns of Alcatraz and Pedro Vaz, as well as Cascabulho.

The agenda also includes a visit to the construction works of the youth center in Morrinho and then to head to the village of Calheta to visit the urban and environmental renovation works of Ribeira de Rua Frente and works on the grass training field.

In the city of Porto Inglês, that government official will visit the construction works of the urban park, municipal stadium, following Pedreira, where the material for the construction of Porto do Maio is extracted.

Maio: Ministro de Estado e da Presidência do Conselho de Ministros inicia uma visita de dois dias à ilha – Inforpress